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Account Set Up Fees

Many processors charge high account setup cost Boston Payments has zero setup fees when you open a merchant account.

Cancellation Fees

Industry average for cancellation fees is over 500 dollars per merchant id, that would have a store owner of 4 locations paying 2000 to change processors. Boston Payments is confident in our services provided and charge zero cancellation fees.


Before selecting a merchant account provider always read the fine print, standard merchant agreements are for 36 months. When Boston Payments merchants sign up we offer no contracts or hidden fees, full transparency


Is your business required to process a minimum amount to avoid a fee?

Some processors will require the processing of thousands or miscellaneous fees will be charged, this is not our practice at Boston Payments

PCI-Compliance: How does my business remain within PCI-Compliance annually to avoid un-wanted fees?

All businesses are required to be in PCI compliance each year, Boston Payments provides our clients with the needed resources to remain compliant and avoid non-compliance fees.

Funding Availability

Boston Payments will provide next day funding for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover M-F and Sat, Sun to Monday so that your business can operate to its full potential.

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