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Pricing Options

Boston Payments offers a choice of pricing options to suit your business and your processing needs. Ensuring that all payment types are accepted including EMV, contact-less digital wallets (NFC), as well EBT and government assisted programs.

It is our belief that one rate structure may not always be the best fit for each business. That is why we offer pricing options for our customers, with no contracts required. We want to make sure every type of business has the payment terminals and pricing options they need when they are processing transactions. 

Business Processing Pricing Options

Interchange Plus Pricing

Interchange pricing is what the Visa and MasterCard associations along with credit card issuing banks charge merchant account providers to process credit and debit card transactions. Merchant Account providers then charge a markup on interchange known as “plus” pricing to process the transaction and provide customer service to the merchant accepting the credit or debit card payment. Interchange Plus pricing is the most honest and transparent form of pricing for merchants looking to accept credit cards. Boston Payments commits to full transparency and no hidden fees.

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Cash Discount Pricing

Cash Discount Pricing allows the majority of your credit card processing fees to be covered by adding a service charge to all credit and debit card transactions. Each business benefits favorably reducing processing fees significantly and may choose to return rewards to customers who pay by cash via discount or other forms.

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Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate processing has become a simple and easy pricing method that works! It is great for small businesses with low processing volumes that want to keep their costs consistent and pay no transaction fee, no annual fees, and no statement fees, while simplifying billing. Boston Payments offers flat rate pricing to qualified merchants, no additional monthly fees simply pay 2.65%. *Average ticket must be at least $20 to qualify for flat rate pricing; or transaction fee may apply.

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