Everything You Will Need For Your Restaurant

Whether you’re a five-star restaurant or a quick and easy fast-food joint that is trying to get customers through the line in a matter of seconds, you’ll find everything from accepting credit and debit payments to providing gift and loyalty programs here


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With today’s technology, customers today expect quick and easy transactions, no matter what food they order. With our selection of payment terminal options designed and built for all kinds of restaurants, you can easily find something that suits your business.


Whether you need help in with HR compliance, setting up payroll or keeping track of the tips for your employees, Boston Payments is here to support your business needs. We understand that restaurants have unique payroll needs, which is why we offer different solutions to suit your business better.


Boston Payments offer affordable and customizable solutions for every industry. Improve streamline operations and increase revenue with a different point of sale platforms designed to solve your restaurant needs.


When customers feel welcomed, appreciated, and rewarded, they are more likely to stay and support your business. Our payment solutions are created to improve and increase customer engagement and help turn your customers into regulars.

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